Thailand Investigation

Murdochs Risk Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a company that runs all kinds of investigation in Thailand.

The owner and Managing Director of Murdochs Risk Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has extensive paralegal and investigative experience in an international context. With his background in the military, and his international education, he is well qualified to represent Murdochs in any national or international forum. Murdochs Risk Management offers services that are both responsive and totally transparent in content.
We pride ourselves with being able to supply to our clients a timely solution based on lateral thinking and investigative practice to all their problems.

Investigation & Information Services

Tracing of individuals, investigationTracing of individuals, investigation, and arrest based on warrants or on criminal charges. Acquisition of information and evidence for legal proceedings.Consumer tracing and evidence of means of enquiries. Commercial status reports and searches, status inquiries, company reports, commercial information.


Consumer & commercial credit & business reports. Special in-depth commercial investigations. Key business information reports. Debt collection. "Special Task Force" for dealing with commercial fraud, violations of intellectual property rights undertake other investigation per request.


Foreign business information, Business search reports, Company search reports, Title search verification reports, Official bankruptcy search reports, Official liquidation of asset reports, Vehicle search /verification reports, Death verification reports, Address verification, location of missing persons, Identity card search reports, Educational verification check, Civil or Criminal litigation search, Banking search.

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