Our Investigation and Detective Services

We offer services that are both responsive and totally transparent in content. We pride ourselves with being able to supply to our clients a timely solution based on lateral thinking and law enforcement quality investigative practice to all their problems such as:

Some of our investigation & information service charges:

  Employment Screening US$
  Individual & Company Search US$
  Background Check US$
  Company Registration Services US$
  Lawyer Services US$
  Translation Service US$
  Security for VIP Service US$
  Identify Card search US$
  Vehicle search verification US$
  Educational verification US$
  Bankruptcy search US$
  Civil or criminal litigation search US$
  Address verification US$
  Banking search US$
  Debt collection - initial service fee US$
  (plus contingent fee 25% on actual recovered amount)

For any confirmed assignment, fee is payable up front upon billing.

*Customer References: Some of our clients are international organizations and world wide/well-known companies which can not be disclosed.


• Identify manufacturers and dealers of pirated goods or find copyright violators.
• Examine personal records or trust of corporate partners or employees.
• Examine business experience or credibility of corporate partners or ventures.
• Examine financial resources of individuals and juristic persons.
• Examine corporate internal fraud, pilferage or damager.
• Prove annoyance, telephone harassment or libel, telephone and letter threats.
• Investigate and arrest criminals and follow through with locating missing property.
• Investigate and find witnesses for litigation.
• Establish a security operation system to prevent corporate leakage and destructiveness.
• Write and program personnel management system.
• Provide other investigation per request.


• Observe fiancé, husbands and wives or person under surveillance.
• Investigate personal credibility, professional background, marital status, and family background.
• Ascertain and find an individual address, work place, telephone number, pager number and vehicle.
• Prove personal credit files, professional records or personal background.
• Photograph or video documenting a person, a place or a vehicle.
• Investigate and obtain evidence witnesses for litigation filing.
• Investigate and find a lost person or missing person or fortune.
• Verify nuisance, source of anonymous letter, telephone threatening and letter threatening.
• Investigate and find general statistics and observation.
• Serve other as deserved per request.


• Examine corrupt behavior of Thai government official.

Legal Services

• Legal consultation throughout the Kingdom
• Lawsuit consultation and litigation (both local and international)
• Drafting, proof-reading of legal instruments
• Translation of contracts and other legal documents
• Commercial registration: limited company, partnership, representative office, concessionaires, trademarks, patents, copy rights
• Commercial accounts recovery
• Collection of commercial and consumer debts
• Overseas collections
• Process serving of foreign court documents


• Publish notices of missing person, lost property, and lost pets in the web page.
• Provide detective training for individuals and groups.
• Provide services for all kinds of research: social, economic, political or marketing.
• Identify and setup detective equipment.

Debt Collection

• We are able to conduct debt recovery/litigation action against debtors upon your authorized confirmation. We request you contact our office to confirm commission rates and litigation costs before proceeding.

At Murdochs we can provide solutions. If you or your company has a problem we can solve it. We use a strategy of lateral thinking mixed with a thorough knowledge of the legal process of Thailand, and other countries. We also have the unique ability to find out information from a variety of worldwide databases making your task easier.


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