About Us

Honored Advisors

Dr. Pornsak Phongphaew - Phd. in Political Science, University of Oklahoma, USA
Mr. Dan Murdoch - Managing Director of Dan Murdoch Risk Services, Australia
Gen. Pallop Rekaruji - Royal Thai Army
Mr. Anantadej Watanawiboon - (LL.B)-RU, Managing Director
Sr.Col. Surin Sripratumanurak - Royal Thai Army
Pol.Lt.Col. Sermkiat Kampira - B.A.(Political Science)-RU, Police Department
Mr. Thomas Glynn - T.A. Glynn Company, Baltimore, Maryland USA
Ms. Prayad Panyanuwong - Louisiana USA
Mr. Tom Planinshek - Laurel, Maryland USA

Banking & Accounting Consultants

Dr. Sillapaporn Srijunpetch • Ph.d, C.P.A., B.B.A.(Accounting), MBA - TU, MBA - George Washington University USA, Ph.d - University of Manchester
Mr. Visit Apinant - B.B.A.(Accounting)-RI, Thanacom Accounting Office

IT Consultants

Mr. Kamthorn Jangsuthivorawat - B.E.(Electronic), MSc.of IT - KMITL, MBA.- KU
Mr. Suriya Banjongpru - Web Designer for Murdochs Risk Management (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Legal Consultants

Mr. Jiradej Keereethong - (LL.B.) -RU, Murdochs Law Office
Mr. Suchai Seanghiran - (LL.B.) & B.A. (Political Science)- RU

Managing Director

Surasak has extensive paralegal, investigative in an international context experience. He is the owner and Managing Director of Murdochs Risk Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. With his background in the military and international education, he is well qualified to represent Murdochs in any national or international forum and his credentials are as follows:

Educational Background:

Certificate of Criminal Law for Political Science, Criminal Procedure and Evidence from Sukhothai University, Thailand.
M.S. (Masters of Science, Concentration in Education-Administration) from Coppin State University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
Certificate of English Proficiency from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland, USA.
B.A. Concentration in Political Science (Administration), Minor in Law from Ramkhamheang University, Thailand.
Certificate of Infantry: Infantry School (N.C.O.), Infantry Center, Thailand.

Work Experiences:

Current: Murdochs Risk Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Managing Director.
Peace Corps of the United States/Thailand, Safety & Security Coordinator. Taking care of all means of safety and security matters for American volunteers and staff.
Wright Associates (Thailand) Co., Ltd.: Assistant to Operations Manager. In this role he has investigated and managed copyright violations of counterfeit/ pirated computer hardware and software as well as other copyright and trademark infringement investigations. Initiated investigation of software pirating for Microsoft and other member of Business Software Alliance (BSA) Logistics Specialist and Assistant to Managing Director.
IBM Storage Products (Thailand) Ltd., Hard disk Drive Plant: Security Manager, Coordinating international policy and domestic operations based on the IBM Security Manual, tracking and security for import and export of products. Taking care of Physical Security, Emergency Planning, Incident Management, Information Protection, Logistics, Special Programs, Education/Training. Responsible for cooperate security and report to both Asia Pacific and Head Quarters in New York.
Securicor (Thailand) Limited., Guarding and Electronic Security Services: Operations Manager, Report to General Manager to ensure quality assurance for clients, site visits to advise and formulate appropriate system for individual clients, assisted Area Managers in staff organization, consulted all matters that relates to Security Issues.
American International Assurance (Thailand) Co., Ltd. : Security Manager of Real Estate Department, managed security/ fire protection for six tall buildings in downtown area, oversaw control room and staff of 20 permanent staff, organized fire and bomb treat drill, and etc, ran training seminar to encourage safety/ security awareness that includes all security training programs on both indoor and outdoor, settled disputes with disgruntled policy holders.
Nitipan Law Office, Bangkok, Thailand: Paralegal, obtained affidavit from clients and witness , interviewed clients in preparation for court appearance Debt and account follow up with client.
Chulalongkorn University, Faculty of Political Science of, Bangkok, Thailand: Research Assistant to the Dean, established questionnaire for poll Identified target group and gathered data for thesis research.
Royal Thai Army, Infantry Battalion of 1st Military Circle: Master Sergeant, training for conscripts Protection for VIP Riot control in May Incident of 1992, attended courses for infantry soldiers.

Historical Summary:

Surasak has intimate knowledge of the Thai Legal System. He has worked extensively within the Thai judicial system. Has thorough understanding of Thai-Foreign Cross-Cultural Issues. Considerable experience with copyright violations addressed to international clients in Thailand. Able to obtain trust and confidence of witnesses according to varying circumstances. Perform assignments in a timely and cost effective manner, able to identify and quality project viability, receive support from senior level people in the both private and public sectors.

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